A Different Kind
of Family
We’ve come from many backgrounds, perspectives, and walks of life to the common ground at the foot of the cross. Now we form a community of genuine faith, hope, and love, and there’s always room for more. Find out what we believe and what keeps us in forward motion.
Power & Purpose
We believe that we’re here for a reason, so we believe in living life on purpose. In Christ we have new life and a mission to make a difference in the world.
At Abundant Life you can take your next step toward a powerful purpose with an eternal impact.
Receive the free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ, the Son of God Who laid down His life to save us from sin and death.
Connect to a discipleship group and invest in your spiritual growth through Bible study and a community of encouragement and strength.
Follow the example of Jesus and be baptized in water as a show of faith in Him and celebration with other believers.
Use your time, energy, and abilities to serve others and join our mission to affect the world around us in the love of Jesus.
What’s Happening
at Abundant Life
We’re invested in spiritual growth, strong community, and mission-minded service. Find out what’s coming up that you can jump into and get involved!
Meet Our Pastors
Bobby & Angel Moore
Senior Pastors

Since 1996, Bobby and Angel Moore have led Abundant Life with genuine faith and unwavering dedication. Pastor Moore is a dynamic preacher and a kindhearted pastor, always leading with compassion and great wisdom. Strength and love have defined their leadership.
Austin & Maria Moore
Lead Pastors

Austin and Maria make an effective duo in pastoral and visionary leadership, also leading worship together every Sunday. Austin’s heart for preaching, prayer, and connecting people, and Maria’s heart for women’s and outreach ministries, daily reveal their deep desire for true revival.
Todd & Jacque Davis
Executive Pastors

While Todd leads in discipleship, men’s ministry, and band direction, and Jacque leads in worship and creative ministries, the Davises work diligently together in many pastoral and administrative roles, making an indispensable team that strives to see changed lives.
Sean & Lynder Young
Associate Pastors

Serving in pastoral care, teaching and preaching, and connections, Sean and Lynder represent the heartbeat of Abundant Life. Sean’s passion for prayer and God’s presence have served to inspire us for years, and Lynder’s servant-heart is always on display.